Vice Chancellor Message


Dear Readers,

I feel honored to be appointed as a Vice Chancellor of the only Agriculture University of Sindh province.

Agriculture has a vital role in the economy of Pakistan and it is the essential source of food, income and employment. Agriculture contributes around 21% to the Gross Domestic Production (GDP), employs nearly 45% of country's labour force and actively contributes in the growth of other sectors of economy. However, it is pertinent to mention here that the referred 21% GDP has declined steadily from 45% during the previous several years. This decline in the output raises many questions relating with the performance of various organizations, research institutes and agriculture universities in particular. Moreover, ʱ University Tandojam has yet to play a constructive, aggressive and anchor role in the agriculture based economic development of our province. As a head of this institute, I take it as a responsibility to lead from the front and contribute with my efforts to bring this institute at par with mainstream higher educational institutes of our country and thereafter with the institutes at global level.

Local as well as global access to higher education has increased the awareness among the potential students to decide on the best ranked universities in the region for their tertiary education. Resultantly, it is anurgent priority of the universities to gain better ranking among the competitors. Unfortunately, at the time of my joining, this institute, ʱ University Tandojam is ranked at the bottom amongst the six agriculture universities in our country. I would make every possible effort,that I could, to see SAU in better ranking position among agriculture universities.

An important component for teachers and students of higher education institutes today is the ability to acquire technical and scientific knowledge along with fast professional growth while remaining satisfied with their educational environment and performing to their best of abilities. Quality educational environment helps teachers and students to gain confidence. Therefore, initiating confidence building measures at ʱ University Tandojam among students and faculty members is going to be a pressing priority for me.

As a Vice Chancellor my main objectives are to produce need based quality human resource to conduct fundamental as well as advance and applied research to solve both the existing and long term problems that our country is facing in the field of agriculture, horticulture, soil sciences, water management, agriculture education extension, animal husbandry and information technology, etc.

Therefore, it is of immense importance for me to make sure that teaching and training is being imparted efficiently in all faculties of the university. I would also like to see that advancement of learning and applied research is being carried out in my institution to produce professional solutions to emerging problems in different fields of agriculture, animal husbandry and other allied sciences. Not only that but I would also focus to initiate some activities relating with one of most neglected part of our institutions which is technology transfer from an educational institute to farmers and growers community. My priority would be to transfer the latest technological trends to the local farmers and also to the governmental and non-governmental agriculture organizations through various extension programs, local seminars and conferences. I would also emphasize on the diverse technical services and professional consultancies to be provided to agriculture industries and farmers for the optimized utilization of resources. I believe that this coupling of appropriate technologies developed in laboratories with the farmers and farming communities shall support sustainable growth of agriculture entrepreneurship and agri-businesses. Furthermore, I would also like to see my institution to develop linkages with national and international education, research and professional institutes.

In order to attain the main objectives relating with my institution, I would like to emphasize that everyone in this institute ought to work very hard with utmost sincerity for the realization and implementation of purposeful and effective goals. I am pretty sure that our collective wisdom and efforts shall be translated into rapid and systematic progress within all spheres of teaching, research and particularly professional growth of this institution.

God bless us.

Prof. Dr. Memon Mujeeb-u-ddin Sahrai
Vice Chancellor, ʱ University Tandojam, Sindh, Pakistan

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